Pink Champagne

18+ prefered, but if you like my blog then sweet. Benii is the name, from Canada Ontario, and i have a very wide range of interests.MY BLOG IS RANDOM. I am a very nice person, i dont ever see a reason to be mean, less i need to be. I am 26 years young and taking my life one day at a time. I love shoes! higher the better! I have a wonderful boyfriend. And we made a beautiful baby Boy together. Being a mother is amazing. I love fashion, minecraft, and really interesting pictures! I am No Photographer, But I do like to take pictures of things that I find Interesting. I like talking to people from all around the world... I love love tea and cats!
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If I ever get married, our vows better be based on the Team Rocket motto.

I vow to protect you from devastation.
To unite our privates and feel sensation.
To pronounce you as my one true love,
and see the glitter of your eyes in the stars above.
Team Rocket, married, committed for life!
Pronounce us now, as husband and wife!
Priiiiiiest! Alright!

This is the best thing I’ve seen on Tumblr today.

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